Dodge Ram Truck Revitalization

With the help of a good friend and expert body man, I finished going through my '90 model Dodge, stripping and repainting it. This was after cutting the roof off and replacing it with another one because of the rust that developed from a leaking sunvisor.

Original Dodge Ram roof showing rust
Roof rusted

Dodge Ram with new roof, paint, and interiors!
New roof, paint, and interiors!

Gallery photos (click for larger photo and information)

  • Original hood
  • Original roof line
  • Back glass out
  • Windshield out
  • Radical chop
  • My convertible
  • New top
  • More prep work
  • Cab corner prep
  • Cab alignment
  • Ready to weld
  • Cab spot welded
  • Close up spot weld
  • Inside spot weld
  • Cab corner welded
  • Cab primer 1
  • Cab primer 2
  • Left side cab corner
  • Left side door post
  • Right side door post
  • Left side primer
  • Right side primer
  • Inside cab corner
  • Left side cab
  • Left side cab
  • Right side cab
  • Right side post
  • Right side sanded
  • Left side sanded
  • Paint left side
  • Paint right side
  • Old seat cover
  • New seat cover and carpet